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We Care About Sustainability and Product Excellence 

At Barkley's Fine Oils, we are dedicated to only using the best ingredients and processing methods available.  All of our Lavender is grown and sourced in Oregon.  We believe in supporting our local communities!  Our products are grown, hand packaged, and distributed by local workers in Oregon.  Every dollar spent at Barkley's goes on to help support local farmers and workers.  We are constantly working with our local community to make sure we are using the best practices possible.  We strive to produce only the finest oils through the most sustainable practices.

Our products are designed to make sure you are getting the most out of life.  A better planet starts with better, home grown products.  Rest assured that you are receiving only the best products when you order from us!  

Purple Flower Field


Founded in Central Oregon

Barkley's was founded in Central Oregon in 2018.  Every moment has been dedicated towards developing its own lavender farm as well developing relationships with other local farm owners.  All of the oils are extracted locally and help support our local community.

Provence Style Dinner Set
Facial Oil
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